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At Creme of Nature,

we understand that the first line of defense against dry hair is a powerful natural moisturizer.

The humectant properties of Honey made it the perfect choice,"

Teneya Gholston, director of marketing for Creme of Nature, said.

"We created our new Pure Honey line to put moisture back into the hair starting with the cleanse and condition steps and throughout all of the styling stages.

This new line gives our brand fans the best natural ingredients

— pure honey, shea butter and coconut oil

— for maximum hydration without the heaviness of sulfates or mineral oils."


  • Moisture dry defense shampoo that cleanses, restores moisture, detangles and softens hair while proving shine. The 12-oz.

  • Moisturizing dry defense conditioner that locks in moisture smooths and softens hair, controls frizz and detangles. A 12-oz.

  • Moisture replenish and strength hair mask features a moisturizer that tames, controls frizz and comes in an 11.5-oz

  • Break up breakage leave-in conditioner that contains a creamy spray that protects against breakage 8-oz.

  • Knot away leave-in detangler that melts away knots, repairs split ends and restores moisture. The 8-oz. size

  • Texturizing curl setting lotion that can be used on wet or dry hair and helps the user achieve several styles without leaving a hard, crunchy feel to tresses. The 12-oz

  • Moisture whip twisting cream that adds shine, elongates curls, provides long-lasting hold 11.5-oz

  • Moisture infusion edge control provides shine with 24-hour hold and comes in a 2.25-oz.


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