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STYLE: Layered

TEXTURE: Kinky Straight

LACETYPE: Lace Front

LENGTH: Medium Short

COLOR SHOWN: 1B, DRFF Honey Brown, FF Misty Smoke Gray

AVAILABLE COLORS: 1, 1B, 2, S1B/30, S4/30, DR2730, DRFF2/Cinnamon Spice, DR Sienna Copper, DRFF Honey Brown, DRFF Black Cherry, DRFF2/Butterscotch, 34, FF Misty Smoke Gray, FF Moonstone Gray, HT Silver Brown


Brand Story:

Get gorgeous grays and realistic textures with movement and body. Neesha Soft & Natural is made to look and feel like your own hair right after stepping out of the salon. It’s your new go-to gray wig in looks that are true to you. So, go ahead and say it’s all yours – they’ll believe you! 


Follow these tips & tricks to ensure that your wig stays fresh and looks bomb.
1. Before washing, gently detangle using a wide-tooth comb.
2. Let your wig sit for a few minutes in a bowl filled with water and capful of shampoo.
3. Rinse & apply conditioner in a downward motion. Wait a few minutes then rinse.
4. Pat dry & shake to refresh style.
5. Place on a wig stand to air dry.


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