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100% Unprocessed Remy Human Hair - Straight


SUGARPUNCH™ is about gorgeous hair, not gimmicks. We know you just want reusable, thick, healthy-looking hair, so let’s get into the facts. SUGARPUNCH™ bundle are double drawn for thick and lush ends. Each strand of hair has been hand-picked to ensure that they’re the same long length for healthy-looking, full bundles from top to tip. SUGARPUNCH™ hair is also unprocessed; this keeps more of the hair’s natural structure which makes each strand feel smooth to the touch, less likely to tangle during wear and wash, and retains the hair’s strength for durable bundles. And with white-glove attention, we’ve taken care to weft each strand of hair at the root, so each piece flows in the same direction. This adds a double-punch of tangle resistance.Strong, smooth and tangle-free, this hair is everything you need for your next style. No sugarcoating.

Outre Sugar Punch Single 100% Unprocessed Remy Human Hair - Straight

$29.99 Regular Price
$24.99Sale Price

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