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Xtreme Professional Economy Clear Styling Gel keeps your hair styled how you like it for 24 hours. Xtreme transparent hair gel is formulated to leave no trace of residue behind after you style your hair. It contains UV protection to keep your hair and scalp safe. The Aloe Vera in the formula helps to keep the hair healthy while still styling. There is no alcohol, so your hair is irresistibly smooth. The aroma of the gel and the 24 hours hold alone will have people taking a second glance your direction. Apply in your hands; rub palms to evenly distribute, then apply as needed to either wet or dry hair.

  • Xtreme Professional Economy Clear Styling Gel is Alcohol Free and Moisturizes with Panthenol
  • Provides extra hold and styling control while protecting the hair.
  • Xtreme Hair Gel line does not leave residue and provides consistency.
  • This Styling Gel has an amazing Aloe Vera scent and provides a long lasting wet look.
  • Style any way you like while protecting your hair and adding control.


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